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Date: Wednesday, 19 January 2022
Time: 20:00 21:30

AGM and Special Lecture

The Annual General Meeting will be followed by a special lecture by the Vice President of the Blake Society, Dr Keri Davies on Inoculation in the time of Blake.

Inoculation Should Be Common Everywhere

Dr Keri Davies, an independent scholar, and Vice President of the Blake Society will talk about the rise of Inoculation, the work of Blake’s contemporary Edward Jenner, the impact of Smallpox in 18C London that was killing 20% of the urban population, and the common sense of Catherine The Great of Russia who wrote in a letter Inoculation should be common everywhere. All this being a preamble that leads to Blake …

This talk will begin at 8.30 pm immediately following the AGM.

Agenda of Annual General Meeting

19 January 2022 at 8pm on Zoom

1 Apologies for absence

2 Minutes of 2021 AGM

3 Chair’s Report

4 Treasurer’s Report

5 Secretary’s Report

6 Election of the Honorary Officers for 2022

7 Election of the Executive Committee for 2022

8 Any Other Business