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Wednesday 8 November 2023, 20:15 - 21:45
Free, Online
Join Mark Bowler, Dan Norman and Marianna Suri, the team behind Fragments of Experience, for a roundtable discussion about this William Blake-inspired music and film project. The event includes an exclusive preview of The Fly, prior to the official release of Fragments of Experience on 10 November.

Fragments of Experience

The team will talk about the inspiration behind the project and the years-long journey that began with a trip to Petworth House and has culminated in a classical song cycle paired with electronic music, live film footage, 2D animation and cutting edge AI animation.

The selected Blake texts, all taken from Songs of Experience (The Fly, The Sick Rose, The Voice of the Ancient Bard, along with excerpts from Introduction and Earth’s Answer), have been arranged to create a strong ecological metanarrative — Blake’s warning cry to us across the centuries.

The group will offer insight into the creative process, the pitfalls and setbacks that they have encountered, and what it means to be an AI promptographer.

Mark Bowler is a classically trained composer, electronic music producer, A.I. promptographer, and occasional haiku poet.

Mariana Suri is a soprano and contemporary music collaborator whose work spans from the performance of opera, concert and recital to the delivery of radical new music.

Dan Norman is a filmmaker dedicated to classical music. His signature style blends live footage, puppetry and animation, with uncompromising sound quality engineered by the industry’s top professionals.

EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO ATTEND. This event is free for Members of The Blake Society. If you are not a member but would like to attend, you’ll be made very welcome, but we’d like to encourage you to make a small donation to The Blake Society. All donations and will help us fund our plans for Blake200 in 2027. The suggested donation is £3, or as you can afford.

The complete film of Fragments of Experience will premiere online on Friday 10 November at 19:00. You can book a free e-ticket to watch it at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/fragments-of-experience-an-audio-visual-reimagining-of-william-blake-tickets-729290466417